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During my normal daily routine, I would work two jobs and do school. It did not leave me with a lot of time to do things I enjoyed and often barely had time to get my full eight hours of sleep. I would go to school in the morning, work for my Dad in the afternoon, then go to serve at a restaurant at night. I worked at a nice Italian restaurant in Driftwood called Trattoria Lisina and I genuinely enjoyed working there. The food was to die for and the money was great so I was very content. Though, I never would have thought that we would have to shut down. In the couple of weeks prior to closing down, there were large measures being taken to ensure public safety. Although it was a hassle, I knew it was necessary to do all we could to help slow the spread such as taking salt and pepper off of tables, washing hands almost every interaction, and keeping tables an adequate distance apart.

With everything closing down I now only work for my Dad. He runs a warehouse here in San Marcos that sells poles, wire, and pipe to the Texas Department of Transportation so he is considered an essential business. We have been staying consistently busy since construction on roads and highways can happen a lot easier with less traffic on roads. I am very thankful for having a job right now and a consistent source of income, but luckily I have saved up enough to be OK if there was a wider shutdown. Aside from the money, being able to go to work and socialize a little bit with the people I work with is nice.

Life without a lot of work and school has definitely been an adjustment; I almost need a strict structure to keep me sane. Although I do miss it, I am really enjoying being able to rekindle my old hobbies such as making music and yard work. I used to enjoy doing these all the time, but sometimes life gets in the way and that stuff kind of takes the backburner. It is nice to be able to take a step back and see why I prioritized certain things over others and maybe switching up my normal routine to allow time for these hobbies. I am interested to see if others follow in that same path going forward, making more time for themselves and doing what they enjoy doing.