My Animals

All this newfound time has allowed me to also have more time to spend time with my animals. I have two cats named Milo and Juan. Milo is two years old and my girlfriend and I got him after a year of us dating and we love him. Juan is almost a year old now and he was found by my sister's friend on the side of the road. He was barely two weeks old when he was found and we decided to take him in. Juan required a lot of attention and time because he was so young.

When Juan was two months old, someone left the front door open at my dads and he walked outside and was attacked by dogs. He was holding onto dear life by the time we took him to the emergency room and after a couple weeks of care he was nursed back to full health.

Now he is a rambunctious, loud, loving cat that has fits of energy that few can contain. Now, Juan and Milo are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Playing all the time and lounging when they are not, they are forever attached at the hip.

My girlfriend got a puppy right before the breakout of COVID-19 and luckily we have all the time in the world to train and take care of him. His name is Ottis and he is now a three month old Basset Hound. He constantly trips on his ears and chases his tail, but the cats still see him as the biggest threat to their existence. Hopefully with all the time they spend together now that they will become best friends as well.