Day to Day


My roommates and I have spent a lot of time together over this past month and it seems like we will be spending some more for a little bit longer. We have been keeping sane by playing video games, drinking, and cleaning parts of the house that have not seen the light of day for years. All in all, our experience has been a fun time, but we have noticed that the days have been getting longer and longer. We all dread 4 p.m., which we have named the “Witching Hour”, because it is a time where we end up hating our situation. It is a weird time because the rush of seeing each other has worn off and you get bored of the thing you have been doing all day. It is also too early to be deemed socially acceptable to drink a few beers. We usually just make our way to our rooms and lay on our beds and look at our phones for a couple hours, crippled by boredom. After that sad parade has passed, we usually shuffle our way back to the living room to play board games and video games for the rest of the night. This routine has been repeated over and over again for the past month. We will never admit it, but we miss work. We miss our normal routine that kept us sane and not cooped up all day. I think most of all we miss the option to do something. That option was always there and was always taken for granted, but I assure that for us, and most people, that it will never be again.

I do feel that this time doing nothing will be cherished in an odd way. Who could have imagined that we would be forced to stay home and get food delivered. But all these thoughts are quickly sobered by the reality that some face in these times. For example, families who were supported by non-essential jobs are now left jobless and are facing unprecedented challenges. The only way I can feel good about enjoying my time off is knowing that I am doing all I can to support my community and everyone in it. You cannot always help face to face, but there are plenty of people who can. Organizations such as Hays County Food Bank, The Shepherd's House, and countless others that are taking donations.