Me Doing School

Managing time has been one of the hardest things to get adjusted to for me. I am not one for online classes just because of the self responsibility and I need a bit of structure to go on. Now, I am managing five classes online and it definitely is one of the more difficult times I have had in school. I am thankful, though, because all my teachers do a very good job about reminders and maintaining a level of understanding to help us all out. I do also realize that professors are going through even tougher times trying to move all their curriculum online and helping students adjust to it as well. Some students get frustrated with their professors and Texas State in general for the way they may have handled things, but I commend it. Managing the entire faculty and students in uncharted waters is something where there is no protocol. I think it will be easy to look back and say what should have or should not have been done, but as of right now, we are all doing our best.

Moving forward I think this adjustment will really help me get adjusted to a real job. I know that there is definitely a structure to work, but there will be a lot of managing myself and making sure I get all of my work done. There is also a lot of time for me to also hone in other skills too that could help me in the future, such as being efficient in Excel and Photoshop. All in all, I want to make the most out of my time moving forward and be able to manage myself in work and in life.