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Finding a way to deal with boredom has become a hobby in itself. I found a new love with yard work while my roommates found themselves enjoying cleaning to pass the time. It is hard to imagine a time where I wish I was going to work or going to class, but now I feel it more than ever. With the spreading of COVID-19, my roommates and I have found a greater appreciation for each other and the smaller things in life. It has helped us be able to adapt and manage our time, but at the same time be able to sit and enjoy some of these moments that we hopefully will never have again.

Having to go outside of the house is both a good time and a scary one. On one hand, you are able to get out of the house and move around, but on the other you are putting yourself in a very real danger. Maintaining a distance from others hinders a lot of things that we would be doing during summer months. It is nice seeing others for a change, though, and I think that aspect of life will change for everyone once we get out of quarantine. I think we will all value human interaction a lot more and hopefully that leads to a more positive community.

After this is all said and done, I hope to be able to pick up where we left off and continue on with our lives. I know that is not realistic and will take a lot of time and steps, but I think we all still hold onto the hope that one day we can go back into the world and explore. I hope that people continue to distance and isolate so that we can return to normalcy quicker. It is a tall task that everyone is dealing with daily, but there is hope that this will be over soon.

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