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Stories can be told in a multitude of ways, whether it be through by word of mouth or through other means like food. These stories can help people connect and understand each other. It's hard to define a story because it can be told in so many different ways. Some people's actions tell their stories, while others have no problem telling their stories word-for-word.

I am breaking story telling down into two categories this semester: food and verbal. As I've mentioned in another page in my tab, food is one of the best ways to tell stories. Being immersed in your culture really allows you to tell the values that mean something to you. In Mexican culture, it's common to have 'tamaladas', tamale making parties, that allow families to connect and provide valuable quality-time. That communal feeling translates to the eater as it is meant to be eaten and shared with friends.

Stories told by mouth can be one of the easiest ways to get a story across, but it can also require the person to have good story telling skills. I think that everyone has a good story to tell, but the difference is the ability to get that story out. That is where the importance of a good moderator is key, because some stories won't ever have the ability to get out into the world. On this website, I hope to become a moderator for those that can't tell their stories on their own